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Welcome To The Tampa Tour

The Tampa Tour is an amateur golf league based in the Tampa Bay Area. Founded by four friends in 2006 on the premise that nothing like it existed, The Tour caters to younger professionals looking for a group of like-minded guys who want an outlet for friendly competition. Friendships naturally develop along the way, as the group focuses equally on camaraderie and competition. The Tour is not affiliated with any particular course, rather choosing to play different courses throughout central Florida, primarily in the Tampa Bay Area, at affordable prices.

The Tampa Tour is run by a small volunteer Executive Committee, who organizes and manages each event, as well as participates and competes. USGA handicapping makes every event competitive for all who play, and prizes reward those who win weekly events as well as those who maintain a level of success over the course of a season through a points based system. The season starts in late winter and runs through the spring and summer, typically wrapping up at the end of summer or early fall. Register with the Tour, and have a look at the Calendar of Events. We look forward to seeing you.

Recent Results & News

Below is a list of our recent events, news, and other pertinent important pieces of information.

2021 Top 6 Leaderboard

2021 Top 6 Leaderboard

Used to determine the automatic qualifiers (Top 20) for the Invitational Tournament (TIT)

2021 Overall Leaderboard

2021 Overall Leaderboard

Used to determine the automatic qualifiers (Top 20) for the Tampa Cup

2021 Event Pairings

2021 Tampa Tour - Event Pairings

2021 Results

2021 Tampa Tour - Event Results

Winter Match Play 20-21

Tampa Tour Winter Match Play Series

As of 11-30-2020

Invitational - Ritz Carlton - PAIRINGS

Invitational - Ritz Carlton Members Club - PAIRINGS

SAT. 9/12/20 @ 10:00AM START TIME (26 PLAYERS) - $70/PP

Tampa Cup - 2020

The Tampa Tour - Tampa Cup 2020

(Ryder cup Match-play Style Team exhibition)

E12 - Bella Collina - RESULTS

Event 12 - Bella Collina - RESULTS

SAT. 8/29 @ 11:30AM TEE TIMES (30 PLAYERS) - $85/PP

E12 - Bella Collina - PAIRINGS

Event 12 - Bella Collina - PAIRINGS

SAT. 8/29 @ 11:30AM TEE TIMES (31 PLAYERS) - $85/PP

E11 - Black Diamond - RESULTS


Black Diamond Ranch - Quarry Course